Wednesday, March 3, 2010

doughnuts of love

Okay, so they were regular doughnuts. Still good, though.
I spent the day at Krispy Kreme, taste-testing their new Pull-Aparts and Kruffins. Kruffins. It sounds like a type of giant. I don't know.

Here I am with a totally failed attempt at a self-portrait, with a guest appearance by The Stair Step. (I need a tripod.)

I love this retro look. And the color of those chairs! Like a washed-out teal.

Ina giving me advice.

Her candy-colored nails.

Doodling on the surveys:

And eventually I got so bored I started making paper cranes:

And Ina fell asleep.

And afterwards we went to Market Market and bought some cheap make-up and then spent two hours in the bookstore.

Oh, life.

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