Tuesday, September 28, 2010


(photos by my awesome friend Jonathan)
This is where I would like to be, please and thank you.

Monday, September 27, 2010

if you would like to know

I got a postcard from Joe the other day. I'ts from Thailand. I'm deathly jealous. But it's the most beautiful shade of blue and I've put it on my wall. 

I stole my dad's socks on Sunday, and I don't think he even noticed. They're perfectly slouchy, you see.

Finally saw Mikey after a hundred years! And used the last of my instax film. Which makes me very sad. 

And here is something I want to show you - my sister's new stationery. I'm desperately in love with it.

Just looking at them makes my heart beat faster. 

Thursday, September 23, 2010

love that will not betray you

A friend of a friend has an online store, and they're joining some bazaars, and they've asked me to put a few items in their shop. So my sisters, mom, and I are busy making a bunch of adorable things. Well, adorable to us, anyway. Sometimes I'm baffled by the fact that nobody buys our paper goods when I would totally snatch them all up and take them home, grinning to myself.

Oh well.

Here's what I've been up to. Stamping on vintage book pages:

Yesterday I made some bruschetta. Seriously, you guys, I could eat this every day of my life.

Ina made greeting card sets that rock my socks:

And then I made stickers. You see that owl? Yeah, Ina carved that stamp herself out of an eraser. Yep.

I had way too much fun packaging these things.

I'll keep you all updated about the bazaars..when and where, and important stuff like that. 

(Oh, and also... The Cherry Blossom Girl favorited my flickr photo! I could just die. )

Now it's off to try and finish some homework and then paint some more. 

Monday, September 20, 2010

photo goodness

Today I just wanted to share some photos from one of my favorite photographers, Sid Black. His point of view is dreamy. 

I have photo jealousy. It's all film! Gah.

His blog is full of great photos, inspiration, and cool tutorials, and you should check out his flickr.

Also, he's 15. I know.

beach times

We went to the beach last July with some friends, and one of them took photos with a tiny plastic camera, that had a waterproof case. And the photos all turned out so nice, so I thought I'd share them.

I love this place with my whole entire heart. 

(and yes, I am aware that each photo is a different size. I do not know why.)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

good dancing

It's Friday! I remember when I used to say, "It's finally Friday," but I can't seem to feel very joyous about Fridays since all the days of the week just seem to come hurtling toward me and the next thing I know, it's Sunday again. Wasn't it just Sunday? Ugh.

Ina made something for Freebie Friday on Pink Teacup, and I'll be posting it later tonight: 

This is going to be on a lot of things I'm making in the future. So awesome. Thought of it randomly while thinking of love.

This is a postcard I sent today, that only makes sense for me and the recipient:

And I sent this to a super-sweet girl:

I'm going to make a bunch of these papercut cards for the shop:

Snapped a photo of my mom's thread tin:

And then I made myself a sandwich. It's yummier than it looks. Sorry.

I'm trying to convince my mom to make these coasters to sell. I think they're pretty, do you?

And now I think I'm going to go belt out all the Pocahontas songs I know. I just feel like it. 

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

wishlist wednesday

I found some pretty things on the internets, so I decided to make a wishlist. Maybe I should do this every week. Yay? Nay? 

I want a jar of crocheted pickles from Nicole Gastonguay.

These jars from Tithi hold a secret. The tops are rings. "The flowers complete the vases, in the same way the ring completes the wearer. Neither would be empty again."

This panda sticker stamp set from Three Potato Four:

Pumpkin spice kisses??!

This totally fantastically amazing fox clutch: 

I think I might attempt a crocheted pickle this week, though. 

My sister and I tried to record a cover today, but I'm still thinking about uploading it. We took some photos with Ina's impromptu backdrop: 

My neck is totally cramping up, and I have to go take some meds for an allergy. Me and random allergies. Oh dear.
Good night!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

I don't have to be afraid

Today was one of those good long lazy Sundays, and Ina and I sang some songs, slept, ate, and slept some more. 

And then I  played around on Powerpoint and Scribbler and Pixlr. Good substitutes for Photoshop.

I've decided to sell some papercuts. I'll do custom orders, and since I don't have Paypal, I'm going to accept payment in the form of Fuji Instax Mini film. I've used up my two packs, and I can't stand not using my camera. It's too great to just sit around, sad and alone. Please, if you want me to papercut anything at all, be it peanuts, astronauts, or seven raccoons having a bonfire party, I will do it for you and my Instax mini.

And also, I found out how to do a film grain effect on Pixlr! I am so excited. Ha. 

And I was playing around on Powerpoint, and it turns out you can do all those fancy layering effects. Ahhh. 

It's a lot of fun. And I think I need Photoshop, so I can digitally color my art, but I will try to be patient and wait it out.

Here's a cover Ina and I did of Shy That Way. I love love love Tristan and Jason. They are perfection! 
It's a perfect Sunday song. 

I wish there was a way to record ourselves without our faces. It's just so awkward! Sometimes the sound is perfect but our faces are weird, and sometimes we look perfectly normal and then get all squeaky or something. 

Life. It's hard.

Friday, September 10, 2010

movie titles

I found this blog with screenshots of movie titles, and I'm entranced. 

I always wonder how long it takes to choose the font and color and size of the title, and the exact moment it will appear in the film.

I picked a bunch I loved:

And I haven't even gone through all of it. 

I think I know what I'm doing tonight.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

there is coolness

And then there's super coolness.

Here's a list of super coolness:

My little sister's blog. It's the best ever. She just started it, so go over and leave her a comment so she doesn't abandon it. 

2. I finally figured out how to change my blogger to the new posting layout thing! I am so happy. Everything is sooo much easier now.

3. I finally uploaded my tiny stopmotion video. Here it is:

I'm really inspired to make a longer, plottier version. 
Plottier is a word. 

My word. 

Love, Elle