Wednesday, September 15, 2010

wishlist wednesday

I found some pretty things on the internets, so I decided to make a wishlist. Maybe I should do this every week. Yay? Nay? 

I want a jar of crocheted pickles from Nicole Gastonguay.

These jars from Tithi hold a secret. The tops are rings. "The flowers complete the vases, in the same way the ring completes the wearer. Neither would be empty again."

This panda sticker stamp set from Three Potato Four:

Pumpkin spice kisses??!

This totally fantastically amazing fox clutch: 

I think I might attempt a crocheted pickle this week, though. 

My sister and I tried to record a cover today, but I'm still thinking about uploading it. We took some photos with Ina's impromptu backdrop: 

My neck is totally cramping up, and I have to go take some meds for an allergy. Me and random allergies. Oh dear.
Good night!

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