Sunday, September 12, 2010

I don't have to be afraid

Today was one of those good long lazy Sundays, and Ina and I sang some songs, slept, ate, and slept some more. 

And then I  played around on Powerpoint and Scribbler and Pixlr. Good substitutes for Photoshop.

I've decided to sell some papercuts. I'll do custom orders, and since I don't have Paypal, I'm going to accept payment in the form of Fuji Instax Mini film. I've used up my two packs, and I can't stand not using my camera. It's too great to just sit around, sad and alone. Please, if you want me to papercut anything at all, be it peanuts, astronauts, or seven raccoons having a bonfire party, I will do it for you and my Instax mini.

And also, I found out how to do a film grain effect on Pixlr! I am so excited. Ha. 

And I was playing around on Powerpoint, and it turns out you can do all those fancy layering effects. Ahhh. 

It's a lot of fun. And I think I need Photoshop, so I can digitally color my art, but I will try to be patient and wait it out.

Here's a cover Ina and I did of Shy That Way. I love love love Tristan and Jason. They are perfection! 
It's a perfect Sunday song. 

I wish there was a way to record ourselves without our faces. It's just so awkward! Sometimes the sound is perfect but our faces are weird, and sometimes we look perfectly normal and then get all squeaky or something. 

Life. It's hard.

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