Sunday, March 27, 2011

restyling // shirt to skirt

Remember that time my dad gave my sister and I his old button-downs? Last week, while hyped up on tea, I decided to turn it into a skirt. I had originally wanted to make it smaller to fit me, but it was so huge that if I altered the sides, the pocket would end up under my armpit. No bueno. 

So one morning, without the help of pattern, tutorial, person, or correct sewing techniques, I started sewing. I didn't even measure anything and none of my seams are aligned, so it is a wonder I can even wear it.

I put on some music:

I am so proud of myself for using my sewing machine, if only for some parts. Of course I broke the needle and had to continue without it, but it's a start. Without it I would have certainly taken three years.

The shirt after the ripping. I've got to hand it to YSL, they sure do know how to make a shirt. Taking this apart was hard work.

And voila! There's my morning face for you all.

It's very odd in some places, but it's a cutie. And I am Very Proud. 

(I just researched and there are tons of tutorials on the internet for men's shirt refashions. I don't know why I attempted to do this all on my own. Look here or here or here or here.)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

hannah times~

Our good friend Hannah slept over this week. So much fun. Apart from eating, eating, talking about girly things, and writing a song about love in a supermarket, we made things. Fact: Hannah is the wire queen. 

Here's Ina attempting to do what Hannah does:

And succeeding.

 Hannah made us each a tiara (!) and a photoshoot with them on our actual heads is in order.

Fridays = they spawn party pins. Naturally. 

 fun, fun, fun, fun, fun

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

beating like a hammer

Today Ina and I accompanied our dad to Carmona, and then he treated us out after. To McDonald's. Any food is good, I think.

Oh, soda. Why can't I quit you?

I can't quit barbecue sauce, either. Gosh, I love that stuff. (I'm wearing a mini bunting necklace Ina made. It's a winner.

It was fun. 
But what I really want to talk about here was this sexy beast cruising in front of us on the highway. 

It makes me feel all:

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Another shirt refashion! I'm so proud of myself when I actually finish things. Even more when they're actually wearable. 
This was an old t-shirt someone gave to me. I loved it, because it was really old, and I love the design, but it had odd sleeves and the neckline was trying to kill me, I was sure. So yesterday I finally rolled up my sleeves, put on some Vetiver, and got to work.

I cut off the sleeves and collar, cutting a bit more off the sides, so the armholes were really low.

Then I put lace into the spaces. I really didn't measure anything, since it was an impulsive project. I don't even have progress shots, oops. 

The lace wasn't that wide; I had to sew three strips together to get it large enough to fit the holes.
This is what it looks like inside out:

And from the front.

I like it. It's very rock-and-roll-y. It goes well with my rebel hair.

Drinks all around! (And by drinks I mean cream soda, of course.) Huzzah!


I celebrated my 20th birthday last week. My family took me out to lunch, and we watched The Adjustment Bureau. The next day was fun, too. I met up with some friends and watched Rango, and didn't have to pay for the popcorn. Sweet! Also, I have new glasses and a new pair of Chucks. Both of which I needed very badly.

I cleaned my room, too, and took pictures in it while it was empty.

These are also the last photos of my long hair. I miss it. 

Here's to a good year!

Thursday, March 3, 2011


  • my kitten has been lost for approximately two and a half days
  • I need hope
  • I am turning twenty next week
  • I need to finish an essay for a scholarship
  • I need to come up with a ten-song set list by tuesday
  • which is also my birthday, aka the day my childhood ends forever
  • at least to the world
  • my skin is breaking out like it has not done in weeks
  • and I cannot remember the last time I have slept before 3am.

tiny cuts and band-aids

I found a pile of Manila paper in the attic, so I made some stuff with it. Only that's a surprise, so I can't show you yet. The bits, however, were fun to play with, so I cut out a mermaid. She's hanging out in a pile of blue underthings. 

And then I thought maybe I'd make a new header? 

After that, Ina wanted one too, so some more cutting went on.

And since most of the bits were shaped like little ghosts, I gave them faces.

And after all that, I got a letter in the mail with this huge sticker on it. 

How great is that?