Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Another shirt refashion! I'm so proud of myself when I actually finish things. Even more when they're actually wearable. 
This was an old t-shirt someone gave to me. I loved it, because it was really old, and I love the design, but it had odd sleeves and the neckline was trying to kill me, I was sure. So yesterday I finally rolled up my sleeves, put on some Vetiver, and got to work.

I cut off the sleeves and collar, cutting a bit more off the sides, so the armholes were really low.

Then I put lace into the spaces. I really didn't measure anything, since it was an impulsive project. I don't even have progress shots, oops. 

The lace wasn't that wide; I had to sew three strips together to get it large enough to fit the holes.
This is what it looks like inside out:

And from the front.

I like it. It's very rock-and-roll-y. It goes well with my rebel hair.

Drinks all around! (And by drinks I mean cream soda, of course.) Huzzah!