Sunday, March 20, 2011

hannah times~

Our good friend Hannah slept over this week. So much fun. Apart from eating, eating, talking about girly things, and writing a song about love in a supermarket, we made things. Fact: Hannah is the wire queen. 

Here's Ina attempting to do what Hannah does:

And succeeding.

 Hannah made us each a tiara (!) and a photoshoot with them on our actual heads is in order.

Fridays = they spawn party pins. Naturally. 

 fun, fun, fun, fun, fun


  1. heavens! those tiaras are stunning!
    (as are the two of you. can't wait to seem them on you)

  2. Yes, We MUST have a photoshoot. when? just let me know. I'm itching to do one hehe

  3. gosh! those tiara's (more like crowns if you has me) are fabulous! where are the pictures?!

  4. I have yet to take them! Heehee. :)