Sunday, March 27, 2011

restyling // shirt to skirt

Remember that time my dad gave my sister and I his old button-downs? Last week, while hyped up on tea, I decided to turn it into a skirt. I had originally wanted to make it smaller to fit me, but it was so huge that if I altered the sides, the pocket would end up under my armpit. No bueno. 

So one morning, without the help of pattern, tutorial, person, or correct sewing techniques, I started sewing. I didn't even measure anything and none of my seams are aligned, so it is a wonder I can even wear it.

I put on some music:

I am so proud of myself for using my sewing machine, if only for some parts. Of course I broke the needle and had to continue without it, but it's a start. Without it I would have certainly taken three years.

The shirt after the ripping. I've got to hand it to YSL, they sure do know how to make a shirt. Taking this apart was hard work.

And voila! There's my morning face for you all.

It's very odd in some places, but it's a cutie. And I am Very Proud. 

(I just researched and there are tons of tutorials on the internet for men's shirt refashions. I don't know why I attempted to do this all on my own. Look here or here or here or here.)


  1. ah! I love it :)
    what a great idea

  2. this skirt is perfection! i've been looking for something like this! can't find it anymore. heavens. you are a genius.
    i wish i lived so much closer.

  3. You are one creative girl. That's an awesome skirt you just made. I love it! :) Very unique.

  4. love it. :D congratulations on using the sewing machine! hehe

  5. thank you all so much!

    becca, i would make you one in a heartbeat. please come over.

    greg, THANKS. you win the award for first dude comment on my blog ever. whatup.