Thursday, March 18, 2010

book day

I'll have to think of a catchier title.

But yes, I'll make Wednesdays the day I recommend a book! I'm always reading something anyway, and I have so many favorites that I thought I might tell you about some of them.

I don't do very good reviews, but if I post about them, it means that

a.) yes, they are quite amazing

b.) please read them

c.) because they are worth it


Today, I've got The Wheel On The School.

My little sister is reading it for the first time, and I remembered how much I loved this book. It's lovely. And the illustrations are beautiful - I love Maurice Sendak. This story was so real to me because of the pictures. It was a bit like a dream.

"Aw, that was just a picture," Jella said scornfully. "You can put anything in a picture. All that is is a dream."

"Ah, yes, that's all it is," the teacher said. "As yet! But that's where things have to start - with a dream. Of course, if you just go on dreaming, then it stays a dream and becomes stale and dead. But first to dream and then to do - isn't that the way to make a dream come true?"

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