Tuesday, January 25, 2011

little houses and cute girls

This is the most perfect reading lamp I have ever seen in my life.

Book Rest Lamp

Get it here (if you've got an extra hundred dollars just lying around).

I'm reading Rilla of Ingleside, by L.M. Montgomery right now. I found it on a bottom bookshelf at Booksale and I flipped out. I've been looking for a copy of it for ages. It's the same edition as a few of my other Anne books, which makes me happy, and which means they are the same size in the bookcase, which is nice. The cover is so romantic.

I'm trying to read it really slowly, so it lasts longer, like a kid with a piece of candy. 

I did a post over on the Pink Teacup blog, about painting a portrait of Kyera. Hop on over. (She's sending me hair dye in return! So I can be a mermaid! I am ecstatic!)

Now I'm off to write a letter and rub some holes in my jeans with sandpaper. It is marvelously effective.
Happy Wednesday! love,elle


  1. Rilla is my favourite in the series!! I picked up a first edition when I was in Charlottetown the last time! Happy reading :D

  2. But... it's so sad! I spent the whole day crying my eyes out and writing. Haha. But oh, gorgeous.

  3. I've read that book! and get this....I bought it form the Anne of Green Gables historical site in Nova Scotia, Canada. GO! its such a fun day surrounded by other Anne lovers :)

  4. ohhhhh, there's a historical site? what is this. i must get myself there immediately.

  5. ah, i love that lamp! and i just came across your flickr & blog -- LOVE it so much!!

  6. isn't it genius? aww, thank you! <3

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