Monday, January 10, 2011

i'm yours to be

Firstly, thank you so much to the people who have been sending me nice emails all week! It's just awesome to know that others are inspired by the things I make. It's kind of otherworldly, actually. Normally I'm the one composing fangirly emails. You are all so nice. I hope you never stop creating. 

Other things that are nice: Stealing Dad's old belt.

And the littlest sister's velvet party dress that she thought she outgrew. I mean what.

 Experimenting with the tablet we got for Christmas. I'm pretty sure it would rock if, you know, I had any editing programs other than MS Paint.

And I never did show you my new shoes! They're kind of great. I might be becoming a heels sort of person. We'll see how this goes.

(I can't look at this picture for long, looking at my legs is making me laugh.)


  1. 1. you look smokin.
    2. it's rockin even with just MS paint.
    3. diamonds become you :)
    4. your legs are to die for.

  2. dear you,

    i love you.

    you are the best you ever.