Friday, August 20, 2010

tidying up

I'm cleaning my room. For our craft party tomorrow. My mom is pretty sure that people will want to go and check my space out, so...

I cleared up my table (a Herculean task):
That's Ina's beloved typewriter she so conveniently left in my room. Oh well. I made a bunch of lists with it.

I found these whilst cleaning out my shelves. I couldn't resist them, all piled into a sale basket at Divisoria. I wish everything were still packaged like this.
These fonts. I have to get some like them, and label all my things.
Oh, aqua. How I adore you and your sea-ness.

I can't even bear to unwind these and use them. I am so weird.


  1. hi elle! do you happen to know anybody who can fix typewriters? mine looks like this:

    thanks in advance :)

  2. Hi! Oh no. I don't know anyone who can. I don't even know where to go. Heh. :c