Sunday, August 29, 2010

so i wait for you

I found a lot of this perfect golden-colored faux leather in the attic. I think my mom used it to make book covers or something. Anyway, I thought it would be nice if I cut them into leaf shapes... and then I wondered what to do about them for a few days, and then I had an idea.

I made a bracelet. And it is now my new favorite bracelet in all the world:

It looks particularly lovely with my nails. Seafoam green, rather messily applied.

Now my brain is practically spilling over with ideas. Leaves? Smaller leaves! Multitudes of leaves! Feathers! Flowers. Owls! No, skulls. Skull owls! ...wait, what?


  1. ughhhhhhhhhh you! are fantastic! in about 94 different ways.

  2. It looks like this