Tuesday, August 31, 2010

fuzzy like peaches

You know what's awesome? Looking in the attic and finding out that you have floss the exact same shade as the cloth you want to sew on. Invisible stitches, chyeahh.

That fuzzy cloth used to be a sweater thing. I'm making it into something kooky and vintage, you know, the kind you can't really decide about? Kind of ugly but awesome at the same time.

This scarf? I cut up a sweatshirt into strips, and then crocheted it. I was deciding between a scarf, a rug, or potholders. I went with the scarf. Still thinking about it, since it leaves little bits of fluff all over my clothes.

I like my room in the late afternoon. The light is perfect, and I just want to sit there and think about things.

Like, how strange is my expression here?

Our forevers go together.

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