Tuesday, December 20, 2011

wishlisting // cheap edition

This is the time of the year where I get horribly indulgent and make wishlists for myself. These are good things.  After you buy one for me, you can get them for yourself, too. Because they are all less than P500. And the thought of saving money just fires up the holiday spirit within me. 

1. Chapstick (P69) - I'm addicted to lip balm. And my current one is running out.
2. Tattone temporary tattoo ($5) - Actually, I would like to buy out Tattly's entire stock. They are so immensely cool. They have little holiday trees.
3. NYLON back issues (P75) - They hide in between boating magazines in Booksale. I don't mind old issues. 
4. The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman (P300) - I devoured this in a bookstore last year and I would really like my own copy now, please.
5. Blick E-Z Cut Printing Blocks ($4) - I really want to try printmaking.
6. X-Acto blades (P70) - I can never have enough.
7. 35mm film (P80) - My Holga is hungry.
8. Thigh-high stockings (P250) - They're hard to find, but the other week I saw some lace-topped ones at Genevieve Gozum.
9. E.L.F. tinted moisturizer (P125) - Everything from ELF is so affordable. I'd like crazy-colored eyeliner and   their creamy eyeshadows, too.

And that is all.

Tomorrow I'm doing the expensive version of my Christmas wish list! Stay tuned. They're things you'd want for yourself, trust me.

Oh! At National Bookstore, I saw some sticker paper that was brown. Like kraft paper. Sticky kraft paper. It was the bomb. (I'm sure it's a cinch to find in, say, America, but here it was like finding gold.)


  1. temporary tattoos that AREN'T disney princesses or other kiddie things?!? (though those are awesome too...) Those rock!!


  2. @kittysnooks ALL temporary tattoos are awesomeee

    @becca what a FABULOUS face, becca.