Monday, December 12, 2011


Last Friday, we were at the Brown Bag Vintage and Crafts Market. It was the loveliest bazaar I've ever been to, with the nicest things for sale. I think one of the reasons I loved it so was because most of the people manning the booths had made everything themselves. I wanted to buy so many things! Please, support handmade, if you can.
Also, I had the chance to join the Keds painting workshop! Of course, when confronted with the actual shoe, I didn't know what to paint, and had a mild panic attack, since I always plan things like these so thoroughly beforehand. They ended up being Rob Ryan inspired. What can I say? I love that man. 

Of course, being the indecisive little girl that I am, I may decide to paint over these. All that white is just too tempting.

Thanks so much to Katrina of Keds and to the Brown Bag Market for giving me the shoes! I've always wanted a pair. Now I'm going to go and skip around in them to break them in. Adieu!