Sunday, May 15, 2011

sock it to me

We experimented with some socks. 
Ina made a bunny. His name is Jacob Darlington, and he is busy getting in shape for The Big Hop-a-thon.

He also has a tail.

And I made a pirate owl. His name is Captain Shingles. 

You better be sure he's watching you.

At least with his one good eye.


  1. So creative... love it! (:
    And lemme guess? Jacob Darlington is named after the brand of socks he's made from.

  2. it's so cute!!! :D love love <3

  3. you are too cute - love that owl (my obsession with owls is getting slightly ridiculous±!)

  4. These are fantastic! Good idea for christmas presents rather than the classic pair of socks!! :)

  5. @hazelnut you can't go wrong with socks.

    @hannah let's do this together!

    @zoe owls are fab.

    @sarah that's a great idea! :)