Friday, May 6, 2011

gifts across the ocean

I got a package from Linn this week. That girl sure knows how to pack things in the cutest manner. 

She wrote me three letters on adorable stationery:

And gave me two packs of film! Aah! How thoughtful is she!

And there's more!

It was so nice. 

I don't know why my penpals are so nice to me when I am the worst one in the world. I swear I'll send your (Zoe, Becca, Kate) packages out soon, this is a promise. 

Oh, and go wish Linn a belated happy birthday!


  1. you aren't the worst penpal ever.
    that would be me. i haven't sent anything in the longest time.
    probably because i'm an awful human being.

  2. but you're busy filling your head up with knowledge and stuff. you're excused. <3 awful? what? the word could never apply to you. crazy.