Friday, October 8, 2010

well hello

Saturday again. I feel like Christmas is right around the corner, at the rate the days are whooshing past. 

Panic ensues.

My little sister was clamoring for a crocheted bow to wear to dance class:

I made flower chains for my other sister's pretty head. It felt like being children again, sucking the nectar out of the stems. 

I found a small collection of shells in my closet. I don't know what I was planning to do with them, but I spent the morning arranging them into various, well, arrangements. 
The driftwood is my favorite.

I made a cupcake hat (better photos to come), and Ina couldn't resist wearing it while eating her chicken noodle soup.

She's reading one of my favorite books, Mistress Pat by L.M. Montgomery, and I've recently convinced y mother to start reading this one:

It's called The King In The Window, by Adam Gopnik, and it's lovely. The book cover is so gorgeous, you would not believe.

Here's to the weekend! 

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