Monday, October 4, 2010


I put some links on the right sidebar. It looks pretty terrible and I think I'll change them again this week, but they'll do for now. 

The cat goes to the blog/shop I have with my mom and little sisters. It hearts handmade. Funny to have a actual factual website for it now. I feel intimidated by my own self. 

The bunny links to my little sister's blog, which she only just started. If you go leave her an encouraging comment, maybe she won't abandon it again. Hah. Rabbits are a thing she adores. 

And then there are links to my flickr and twitter. Like, you know, normal people have. 

In other news,

I made another hat. Kind of just made it up as I went along and didn't write it down, thus completely forgetting it, in that endearing way I have. Must work on that, because I love this hat and now I have to sell it. 

My closet is in an atrocious state. 

A box that held a penpal package. Me and you both, Ellie. 

Today we have a wake to attend, and I have a gazillion photos to scan, and a TON of stuff to put in the shop (that's the cat) (the cat link) (yes)


  1. i love: the hat, your links, your little comments.
    also. you have a twitter? me too. though i rarely use mine. hmm.
    also. you are beautiful.

  2. i love: you.

    and now i finally have your address, so expect a package in the near future. yay yay yay.