Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Moving into a new year! Here are a few of my favorite 2013 photos:

first photo with my DSLR (a blessing)/ turning 22/ craft club
neil gaiman's art contest/ charlie/ kristian moves away

more papercuts/ first paying photography gig/ starting school and making friends
decorating pat & krissy's wedding/ buying ink/ first henna

new friends who love the iron giant/ penny boarding (i didn't learn)/ new friends who trade you good music
them church boys/ dyeing ina's hair every concievable color/ bonding with the best friend

went to see my first gig/ fell asleep everywhere/ art class fridays
spent more time with awesome internet ladies/ decorated marco and jam's wedding/ had well-dressed adventures with the best of the best.

This year, I went to school, I learned how to take pictures, I took the bus alone, I made friends, and did about a million other things. This was a year of adventure.

2014, I have high hopes. Don't let me down.

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