Monday, February 20, 2012

have i told you lately

I finally painted that little Valentine papercut I made. It didn't work out so well with acrylic - I really have to get myself a can of spray paint. 

Here's something new I've been working on. I've been bursting with ideas but haven't been able to afford blades... I do really like this though. I think I'll do other variations and polish this one up a bit.

Getting ready to color:
I cut out some little flags for the new bunting sets we put up in the shoppe:

All while listening to some vintage McFly on my trusty old mp3 player, still going strong despite some buttons having moods. 

P.S. Did you get to see the Valentine freebie roundup on the Pink Teacup blog? If not, you have 7 cute things to print out! Go on

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