Monday, April 4, 2011

thrifted things i've never worn

This dress falls under that category. I loved it when I bought it, but every time I tried it on, it looked dowdy because the skirt was too long. So this week (after about a year) I finally buckled down and shortened it. And now it is Much Cuter. And guess what? I'm still really bad with "before" photos. And so there are none. Again.

Today I wore it and bugged my sister while she made the really cute bookplates for Pink Teacup (go on, click it, they're free to download!)

Seriously, this is my favorite dress now.

And then we recorded our own little version of George Gershwin's "Summertime", to celebrate the news that we are going to the beach. Nothing lifts up the spirits like music and beach anticipation.


  1. That's really really good!!!I love it!!

  2. man you guys are full of talents!
    love it

  3. cutest dress ever.
    most talented girls ever.
    cutest, most talented girls ever.
    boom bam.

  4. you did a good job, it looks great!