Monday, February 28, 2011


Somebody ordered some cookies for a CSB event called Kitsch Art: A Fashion Forum. These are quite obviously Elsie-inspired.

They're shimmery, too! Blessings on the person who invented edible shimmer. It's magical.

These were just for Mom. I didn't get any left over. Oh well.

Thank you to Nina for recommending me! You get a cookie and a hug.

Oh, and my sister wrote a very rad post about all those cute fonts and tapes she uses on her blog, check it out!


  1. these are so adorable !
    what did you use to draw the girl ? :)

    <3 li

  2. oh my gosh... they're adorable!!! <3

  3. @ li food coloring, diluted with orange flavoring. :)

    @ hannah thank you kindly!