Saturday, December 18, 2010

wishlist // Christmas edition

Some more film for my Instax mini would be nice:

Or some Kodak Ektachrome. I've always wanted some:

And this Colorsplash Flash I've been wanting ever since last Christmas:
And if those are too pricey for you, oh wonderful Christmas fairy, then I'll settle for a roll (or two) (or seven) of regular 35mm film.

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  1. ok I just have a quick question - what are your favourite colours?! random I know. but I will be popping another package in the post next week. it will be a xmas one, but a bit late! so sorry! xxx

  2. green and a turquoisey blue and a mustardy yellow. but mostly green. what are yours? :) oh you're so awesome aaaaah i'm excited.