Monday, November 8, 2010


We've been putting up our Christmas decor (see my other posts here)


Iced coffee with vanilla ice-cream:

These birds are my favorite:

I remember making these. I can't believe it's Christmas again. 

Yesterday, Andrea gave us the sweetest little owl ceramic box and a candle. I want to try carving candles now.

My littlest sister and I played the ukulele and sang:

Ina rescued stray berries:

 And I finished this over breakfast. It's great. 

Here's a photo Tommy snapped of us and some friends at the mall:

Aren't we cute? And wow, my hair's getting really long.


  1. you're just adorable.
    and your hair IS long.
    and you make lovely ornaments.

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  3. Everybody is waiting for Christmas desperately. It is an important part of the holiday's celebration for many, and the food that is served varies greatly from country to country.