Saturday, May 1, 2010

girls do what they want

Yesterday I made a skirt with my very own hands. Our sewing machine broke down and I found a pillowcase that I bought because it was pretty. I cut it open, added elastic on the top, hemmed the bottom, and voila!

I'm glad. My very first piece of clothing.

And then yesterday, the my sisters and cousin had a water balloon fight. I had to leave, and couldn't join... I was very disappointed.

Smile Saturday! (That's my mother photobombing in the background)

Ina and I wrote a new song this morning.

(Poladroid is so much fun)
(i need my fuji instax mini nowwww)



  1. the skirt is so adorable. i'm jealous!
    water balloon fighting is too fun to be missed!
    i love that picture of you.
    your hair is adorable. so is your face.
    i wanna hear the song. pronto.

  2. hehehe. if you send me your waist measurements... :D
    i know, i will buy a whole pack of balloons for next time.
    awww, thank you. i think it's funny that i only have one dimple.
    i shall post it when we finish it.
    miss you.