Friday, February 12, 2010

some more love

I've beenpapercutting again. I made some little valentines. Hehe. I'm starting with the easy ones; expect a large zombie-themed one tomorrow. I love zombies.

A little heart with some big love:

This one is dedicated to Mikey. He thinks we should do this as a duet. He is cool.

I should probably find a way to photograph these without my hands:

These are Eli's words. I stole them. (This puts such a big smile on my face, you don't even know)
It is dedicated to all you lovers in the blogosphere.

These words are Anthony's. I just love it when people say "Gosh".

I'm really happy making these, so I'll do more tonight.


  1. I love these :) You're so talented, can't wait to see more :)