Tuesday, January 12, 2010

smashing 80s

It was my gorgeous friend Yela's birthday party last Saturday, and she decided to have an 80s-themed party. It was a looooot of super cute fun.

(Sorry for the crappy camera. I borrowed it, and it's pretty darn awful.)

I made a backdrop of orangey goodness, here's the birthday girl in front of it:

And then I had a truckload of cake:
Here's Nina and Andrew, who were the best costume winners, which is pretty hilarious:

Me and Nina:

This was while getting ready and contemplating our makeup:

And also I made cookies! I had a bit of an icing malfunction, but otherwise they looked passable, right? Right?

The speech bubbles:

Me being awkward:

Yela, I love you! Amigas forever.

See how much I love her? Enough to wear this, chyeaah.

Like, radical.


  1. the cookies are adorable. have i already said that? oh well.